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Penna Azure


The Roses of Heliogabalus by Alma-Tadema (1888)



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" Always be a poet, even in prose. "


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Felipe Montes, gran escritor Regiomontano, vive su carrera con este principio. Es más dificil de lo que parece.

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I love this!

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Film meets Art - Chris Nolan inspired by Francis Bacon (x)

of course.

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" I believe in deeply ordered chaos. "


Alex Grey

So much work in one piece of art.

Pictures of my trip to the British museum to see the Enlightment Hall. Those are the objects that Dr. John Dee, the epitome of multidisciplinary, used.

" La segunda esposa (y la importante) de John Dee se llamaba Jane Fromond pero en realidad su nombre era Jana!!: 5 Feb. 1578 “sponsalia cum Jana Fromonds”
En la madre, eso no lo planee. !@#$* "

- Coincidencias magnánimas. De esas veces que te cagas.

" — Hable, Dee.
— ‘Cualquier tecnología suficientemente avanzada es indistinguible de la magia’.
— No entendí lo que dijo, Doctor.
— Exactamente, Su Santidad. "

- Penna Azure, John Dee, 1555


Alex Pardee Does Suckerpunch!


Th movie is a great idea but blandly executed. Still its a guilty pleasure :)

Dantes internet XD

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So today I went to the Soumaya museum and the collection of Salvador Dalí’s sculptures is amazing!

1. Space Elephant. 2. Triumphant Angel. 3. Surrealist Piano. 4. Alice in Wonderland. 5. back detail of Woman in Flames. 6. Homage to Terpsichore.

There’s also an interpretation of Newton by dali somewhere nearby :D

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" Grabbing death means to feel the weight of life in the form of the question : what is the meaning of my existence? And if one is humble enough and has been adopted by society, it comes the same question in an extrapolated form : What is the purpose of humanity?
And what seemed to work stops. It’s like watching that torrent of water pouring into a perfect , clear and cool strem and then look down and notice that the jet stream breaks into droplets and causes irregular turbulence in itself due to the continuous descent without an end. Without an end. (End in Spanish is fin, which is also used for objective  ).
The only thing certain is death. The man remembers what his mentor told him years ago and that posthumously makes sense:
“Being conscious is a torment. But God is not so cruel. He has given us a lock not to get lost ourselves in the unbearable lightness of life.
’ The purpose of life is to make it meaningful . “
And if you lacked a goal then you already have one. And on the way to complete it you will find your true purpose ; or at least one that suits you .

- Galethog, Penna Azure

Sagrada Familia by Gaudi. Barcelona 2012