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Ego Sum Alpha et Omega

A tattoo design for a beloved friend. 2012



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Selene, no me abandones máaaas! 

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Holy crap that’s sick

The sun is just like, “Gonna set now…LOL NVM”

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Want to learn more Spanish words with no English equivalents? Go here.

Soy friolenta.

Italian has ti voglio bene for te quiero

French has frileux(-se) for friolento

Also friolero (which is what I’ve always heard).

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" The job of the artist is always to deepen the mystery. "

- Francis Bacon (via hypersexualgirl) (I guess Bacon the painter, not SIR Bacon) Anyway, nice quote :)

Redfox. Práctica con un nuevo set  de pasteles :B

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"Wow the western localisation is such an improvement" said no one ever


I really am proud of Intertrack, the ones in charge of the dub in Mexico. Always loyal!

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Bílá růže pro vás, Jana.

A dos años de distancia recordemos como perdió México. No fue Peña Nieto, fue la reiteración de la falta de educación que tanto nos afecta. EL trabajo es de todos y del día a día.

Lord Helix in British museum. Look at the person for scale O.o

Jurassic Park, velocirraptor grinning motherfuckers.