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I was living in a state of was perpetual deja vu, everywhere I went I felt like I already been there. It was like following a invisible man. The smell of dry blood, dirty foot prints circling each other, that aroma of old sweat like fried chicken, the feel of a floor still warm the fight the night before.

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Seeing a supernovae within hours of the explosion

For the first time ever, scientists have gathered direct evidence of a rare Wolf-Rayet star being linked to a specific type of stellar explosion known as a Type IIb supernova. Peter Nugent of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory says they caught this star – a whopping 360 million light years away – just a few hours after it exploded.

Hear more about this discovery →

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Tsuguharu HosoyaAutumn flame

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Geometric watercolor-like tattoos by Russian based artist Sasha Unisex 

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" I was afraid of my own thoughts and the thoughts behind my thoughts. "

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Thora en mariposa. La roja de Udmurtia. 

Magic square. 33 all the way. Arriba el ingenio.

Arc de triomphe in Paris. It says there in the sign.

Kutna Hora. Bones. Bones Bones.


アソブの、ダイスキby まち子


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Coud Leopard: Coal and 9B pencil :D

Fibonacci in a museum in Madrid. Golden Mean is hidden there.